Thursday, October 20, 2011

Living Room Chairs

I've been looking at living room chairs for a while, and I finally found what I wanted (Rebecca Chairs by soho Concept ) .  But as I've watched them over the last 8 months, I can't find them in a color that I like.   I may end up having to buy them in dark grey, but I'd much rather have a blue.  I hate the idea of buying them brand new, and having them re-upholstered before they're even used, but that's also an option.  UGH.
So, for a little fun color until I can get what I really want, I bought 3 bean bag chairs.  They're pretty sturdy, made out of some short of water resistant material.  They should be fun to use the winter.  And once I can replace them, I can relegate these to the bedrooms.

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