Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Haul Road Storm Aftermath

I've had these pictures e-mailed to me by several people.  So I don't know who took them.  But they're pretty spectacular.  We had a several day storm and the haul road (or Dalton Highway) between Fairbanks & Deadhorse was closed because parts of the road were 'blown in'.  I heard that at one point there were 90 trucks waiting to come north.  Anyway, someone flew from Prudhoe Bay down the road to see how bad it was.   Here are some the pictures that have been circulating.  Thanks to whoever took them!
Ice Cut View North 1

Ice Cut View North 2

Ice Cut View South

DOT Snowblower Nside Atigun

Galbraith Airport View North

Galbraith Airport View South

Pump Station 3

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