Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Roof Overhang

One of the design & engineering issues was the overhang of my shed style roof. As I recall there were several calls to the engineer about it, and we needed special roof trusses. I get a lot of wind up here and no one wanted my roof to peel away.

However, it needed to extend out over the windows enough to block the sun in the summer time so that my house doesn't overheat. And this summer it worked great. On the few sunny days we had, the window seat area would be in full sun, but most of the living room was in the shade.

Now that we're deep into fall, the angle of the sun has dropped below the overhang. I'm getting full sunlight all the way into the back of the kitchen. Even a little sunshine will heat the house up 6 or 8 degrees. And the dark floor absorbs the heat and then radiates it out once it gets dark. Which helps keep my heating bill down.

BUT, it also illuminates every tiny bit of dust :-)

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