Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time to burn...

Well, I cut all these branches off the spruce trees back in June. Finally had a few dry days and it's supposed to rain tomorrow. So, it was time to get them burned. Plus I had a couple of piles of cut down alder that needed to be burned too.

Patty's propane torch made getting the fire started really easy.

I spent a couple of hours hauling wood over to the fire, but kept it pretty small. Didn't need to start the neighborhood on fire. Marge & Darlene both helped which was great.

Finally it got down to coals. Carol came by and we had a glass of wine & visited for a while. And Paul & Dylan stopped by when they finished Darlene's cable rail on her deck. All & all it was a great evening. I need to put a fire pit in the back yard next summer once I get the yard going.

This is Darlene & Izzy from next door.

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