Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Internet Shopping - www.donfamily.com

As most you probably know, I do a lot of shopping on line. It's much easier than wandering around in a store.

So last month I found this duvet cover on e-bay. I really liked it but thought the shipping charges were high, so I looked around a little more and actually found a web site for the company who makes them. And they also sell silk stuff duvets. I've been wanting one (since I'm allergic to down), so decided to splurge a bit and buy a duvet and the new cover.

(The web site has a few problems, so you have to scroll down a couple of pages to actually see the items being sold.)

I e-mailed Christina (though the address link on their web site has a typo in it so it doesn't work, the real address is christina9876@hotmail.com) and got a quote, including a couple of pillow shams that she said they'd make for me, that aren't part of the package. Then I got her invoice and paid through PayPal.

Then I got to wondering if I'd ever actually get my items. Sometimes buying from another country through the internet, can be a bit iffy. However, about 10 days after I ordered it, my duvet, duvet cover and extra pillow shams showed up in the mail. Great service and a reasonable price. Thanks Christina!

I really like the material. I may have to order another cover in the spring for variety. They have some great options.

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