Wednesday, September 02, 2009

House Update - it's basically done...

It's been a long 10 days, but a lot has been accomplished. The bank came out yesterday for a final inspection. I really want to close the loan tomorrow, before I head back north, but I don't think they'll have their paperwork ready until next week. I guess they can FedEx me the paperwork and I can FedEx it back.

Anyway, when I got home last week, Paul was basically done. There are some finish detail for next week. Like all the drawer pulls need to be put on. 1/2 have arrive and the other 1/2 have shipped, so they should be here tomorrow.
I spent 4, long days scrubbing the floors. A lot of the black surface came off, exposing the sparkly metal filings underneath. I'd still like a lot more of the black to come off, but it will as I continue to scrub it and grind it. But now that I have it waxed, I rather like it. I'm calling it distressed asphalt. It does give the whole house more of a loft look, like it's a 100 year old floor which is kind of fun.
So the floor process was to rent this big machine from Ulmers. Fill it up with water and guide it around and around and around. Sort of like driving a Zamboni. Buy the second day I had the hang of it, though there are a few scrapes on the walls that will need to be filled in and painted when I re-paint next spring.

Here are the floors after they were scrubbed, but before I waxed them. The final product is a lot more shiny.

And the island counter top came in. In this picture it just looks black. It's cold rolled steel with a clear powder coat over it so it won't rust. I'll have to be a bit careful about scratches, but I really like it. Up close you can see all of the marks from the steel rollers which gives it a lot of texture. The legs should arrive tomorrow. They're steel too, but the first set were a foot short. A little miss communication with the welding shop, but easily fixed.

Mom & dad came down on Monday and helped me put all the cabinet shelves and book shelves in. I like the book case.

Then on Tuesday I unpacked some boxes and put a few miscellaneous items in the shelves. Some of the kitchen shelves I can't open. So once the drawer pulls get attached, I'll have to re-arrange the dishes, etc. I'll have lots of that to do when I'm home the end of Sept.

Hangers are up in the guest room closets.

But last night I did make dinner up there, just a baked potato but the oven and stove top both work. I ran all my new dishes and glasses through the dish washer and it works too. Even the freezer is making ice :-)

And this morning Roomba was all recharged and back to work!

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