Saturday, June 27, 2009

Floor Polishing 1

Well, Rob got the first grinding of the concrete floor done. We knew some of the aluminum filings would pull out and leave holes during this process. But a lot more came out than we'd hoped. So instead of being able to do this with 2 grinds, we'll end up with 4.

Here is a close up of the floor after grind 1 using 60 grit grinding blocks. All the trowel marks, etc. are ground out, the floor is very flat.

And here is Rob appling a mix of cement dyed black with some black sand blasting sand mixed in. It's basically a grout that will fill in the holes left by the aluminum pulling out. Once it's dried we'll grind it down again and take off all the excess.

Then once that's all smooth, Rob is going to apply some additional grout, in blues & greens, and grind it again. Then it will get densified, and polished with the 120 grit blocks. So with a bit of luck he'll have the floors done around Wed. I can't wait to see how the turn out.

Here I am, waiting :-)

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