Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Glass! ... and other stuff

The wind finally stopped blowing, some where between 4 am and 5 am. So today was fairly nice. The window guys got most of the glass in. Actually, it's the vent units that aren't here yet. I'm not sure why, but they said they'd be back to install them when they showed up. So you'll notice a few 'openings'. Paul said he may have to put cardboard in them to keep the snow out.

The windows for the north side of the house (they are fiberglass, not aluminum) are still on order. They should have shipped 12/3 but haven't yet. I hope to get an update on them tomorrow. However the doors did arrive, so that's good. Paul & Dave can get them hung which will help keep some of the snow out.

And the guys are working on the roof over the entry way. It's roughed in. Lots of progress this week.

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