Monday, March 17, 2008

New Floor Plan Ideas

Well, now that we're done dreaming, fiscal reality is setting in. We need to figure out how to design the house I want, and stay within the budget. It's not easy, so now it's compromise time.

Here are some drawings of the new plans. The style & shape of the house is very similar to the last plan, but the windows are much smaller. We're working on a way to afford taller windows, at least in the living room.
And then here is the new floor plan. It's workable though I want to make the master bathroom larger.And the old floor plan. I really, really like the utility corridor behind the kitchen in this one, and how open the entry is to the kitchen and living room. But, I can't increase the budget either.

And here is a drawing showing how the main entry should look.

Any suggestions?

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Tom said...

Very cool floorplans...Looks like a lot of the stuff that's been going on inside my head as well.