Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Office

I decided I'd better clean all the 'old' pictures off my camera, so here are a few that I've taken the past couple of months.

How do you like my new desk? It's very ergonomic. It can be set as low as 22 inches or as high as 56. I try to remember to stand up for a couple of hours every afternoon. These 12 hour days, spent sitting in front of the computer are really not good for my body.

And then here are some pictures I took this morning from my office window. I never get over how FLAT this area is. The 'hills' in the distance are mostly a mirage.

I'm sick of FLAT today, and I want to see the ocean and palm trees. Maybe I'd better change the CD's I've been playing the last couple of days. Lots of Willie K, Ka'au Crater Boys & Jimmy Buffet. Though I am enjoying the sunshine. NO fog at all so far today. But since I have a 4 pm helicopter trip scheduled, I figure it should fog up around 3 pm.

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