Thursday, December 14, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Well, here is my annual update. I don’t have a lot to say that’s new, but 2006 has been a pretty good year. Mom & dad are still in Soldotna, so I get to see them a couple of times a month. Patty is here in Homer and has a new job at the Seldovia Tribal Heath Clinic that she really likes. Mary & her family are busy in PA. Matt started college this fall and Katie is about ½ way through her college studies. Shari & Mark are living in DC. Mark is close to retiring from the Army and we’re hoping they’ll be moving back to AK this coming summer. Gio is also a freshman & college so Vince is the only one left in high school.

Shari Gio Mary Vince Mark

I started 2006 out right with a trip to Kauai, still one of my very favorite places. Penny went with me and we stayed at Ed’s B&B. It was a very relaxing trip. We didn’t feel the need to rush around and see all the sites, so pretty much just hung out and had a good time. We even had great sunny weather. Though not long after we left, Kauai was hit with some of the worst rains in many years and experienced quite a horrible flood & dam break.
Lori & Penny Napali Trail

In March I bought a 2-acre lot here in Homer. I want to build a house sometime in the next couple of years. I’ve been collecting ideas and pictures. My next step is to find a good architect who can put it all together for me in a house plan.
View from my eventual front porch

In April I went to Washington DC and stayed with Shari & and it was washed out before the rains.
Mark for 2 weeks. We also drove to PA and spent a weekend with Mary & Bill. I really had a good time, but I’m glad I went before the weather got too hot. Mom & dad went back east in June (both Matt and Gio graduated from high school). They had a good time but said it was very hot.

We had a very rainy summer here in Homer. I worked a couple of extra weeks, so this past summer seems to have gone by in a flash. I did some painting around Patty’s place but didn’t accomplish much else all summer. I’d planned to do a couple of AK trips, but never got around to them. Next summer I’m definitely going to take a road trip around AK. I’d like to drive the Denali Highway, and maybe even the Dalton. Do any of you want to along?

In October I went to Italy for 17 days with a group of friends. I starting blogging, mostly about trips, so most of you have already seen all the pictures and heard the stories. We had a great time. If you missed out and are interested, here is the address:

Work is work, I’m staying busy and still working 2 weeks on & 2 weeks off. I’m losing interest in trying to go to Russia. The politics over there are a mess. Besides if I’m going to be building a house I need to stay home and get that done, then I’m going to want to live in it instead of taking off right away.

I hope all of you had a wonderful year. I wish you and your families a great 2007. I love to get your Christmas cards and notes, so check in and let me know how you’ve been and what you’ve been up to this past year.

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