Sunday, August 06, 2006

Travel to Northstar - it's always an adventure

Bill Rochin, one of the Petroleum Engineers currently on the island sent me these pictures he took this morning. Normal (or maybe semi-regular is a better term) transportation to and from Northstar island is via hovercraft or helicopter in the summer. However it's been very foggy the past week so we've had a hard time getting flying minmums for the helicopter. Yesterday out hovercraft broke something or other, the repair guys are hoping it's just the clutch and have it torn apart to be fixed. But this has left us without a way to get our workers not living on the island, back & forth. So Alaska Clean Seas has come to our rescue today. We've chartered one of their Bay Boats for the day. Here are a couple of pictures. In the first one you can see the fog behind the boat, looking like mist in this picture, but it's pretty thick.

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