Thursday, April 20, 2006

Northstar Island Construction

This is a picture of the island from our ice road. Kind of hard to tell that it's and island because the sea ice is currently frozen. The large blue set of buildings to the right is the Nabors Drilling Rig. The tan buildings to the left are the production, warehouse & living quarters. To the very far left you can see the new meeting room model being lifted off the trailer by the crane so it can be set in place and attached to the existing building.

We've been getting ready to do a lot of repair work to the gravel bench that surrounds the island this summer. We also had to expand the facility a little bit. The addition to the the living quarters building is office and meeting space. The module was actually constructed on shore and shipped north, then hauled out to the island over our ice road. Kind of interesting pictures if you're not familiar with this crazy place I call home 2 weeks of every month.
The 2nd picture is the new meeting room module set in place.

The 3rd picture is of a crane being hauled out to the island. On the other side of the ice road (the smoother part of the ice in front) is frozen ocean.

I didn't take these pictures, Dave Maguire sent them to me so I'm assuming he took them. I haven't been out to the island since New Years Day. It's been a bit too busy to run out there, it's about an hours drive where where I work, here in 'town'.

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